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domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

A too early end of League (www.163.com)

What to do now? There are still sixteen rounds to end the Spanish League and the difference between the leader, the Real Madrid and the second, the Barcelona (that in the last years dispute the title in loneliness), is of ten points. Too much and almost decisive as to think that the whites can lose this year the crown they are denied since four years ago.
A great problem has the football industry. If already before the beginning of this season, the president of Sevilla, José María del Nido, threw a despaired attack to change situation and money distribution of television rights to be more equal and not they stay in the hands of the two as always, alerting with a splits to carry several teams to play a parallel League, more worrying, for inside and as image for the exterior is that almost in the mid of the dispute of the League, there has separated already one team over the others.

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