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domingo, 11 de diciembre de 2011

The Barcelona imposed again its magnificent game (www.163.com)

Real Madrid did not reach. Neither the push of fifteen consecutive triumphs nor a great job of José Mourinho to put them in the first line in the league, neither the unconditional backing of the Santiago Bernabeu, not even the big mistake of Víctor Valdez at the thirty seconds, that led to the early goal of Karim Benzema, and with same the illusion of the whites.
And it is not that the Real Madrid did not obtain it for not having the tools, but merely, the pass of the minutes showed again, as in all the last classics, that when the Barcelona is concentrated in the game, and all their players are at the level that corresponds, the team is unbeatable in the collective and then, they started to take control of the ball until to monopolize it as in their best times.

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