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martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

The new challenges of the best team in the world (www.163.com)

To be World Champion is a deed reserved for few. To become it for the second time in three years, for very few. To win thirteen trophies over sixteen in game in a cycle of three years and a half, much less, to win by a big goal difference without leaving doubts in a definition to be the best in the planet, it is already for the chosen, but that the adversary declares to have learned a lesson, it is already for the chosen. And that is what occurs today with the Barcelona of Josep Guardiola, brilliant winner that now will have to think about new challenges for his future, something not easy when it is not discussed too much, he is evaluated in his just measure, and he is recognized as the best.
Then, what to do? How to continue when there is not much to show anybody but only oneself? It is a beautiful challenge though sportily complicated. It shows that in the football, as in all collective sport, there is need of a certain dose of rebel, to want to give something to know, to want to take a revenge of something, as a reason to win.

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