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domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Neymar, the small World championship and the world championship (Yahoo)

For these days, the Santos finalizes his preparation for the World Championship of Clubs which will take place in Japan in scarcely two weeks and their star, Neymar, was entrenched by the symbol of the club and of the Brazilian football, Pele, as the best in the World, even above Lionel Messi, his Argentinean rival of the Barcelona in a possible and awaited final.
Everybody knows very well Messi, considered by the specialized press and the football environment as the best player of the World, but do not know Neymar, because though he is being disputed by Real Madrid and the Barcelona, the club always gave confusing steps to sell him and ended renewing the contract until 2014, in a measure of not many precedents in a Continent such as the South American.

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