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viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Real Madrid-Barcelona, doubts and certainty of the best match in the world (Yahoo)

On Saturday at 10 p.m. in Spain, a good part of the World, not only the Iberia country will paralyze. No importance the hour, whether it rains, whether it thunders or it concerns a spring day. Actually, with the enormous passion that the football awakes, a super classic such as that of Real Madrid-Barcelona, in his case for the Spanish League, it is the maximum possible match to watch, from the aesthetic, the quality of the protagonists and the enormous historic, politic and geographic rivalry existing between both.
If the Football Club Barcelona has always been “more than a club” due to its implications of resistance against the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera at the beginning of the XX Century and of the “Generalísimo” Francisco Franco between 1939 y 1975 (when he died), the Real Madrid was built since the European success of the fifties, when a great directive as Santiago Bernabeu, elaborated a magnificent team of stars that, without many antecedents, ended with five consecutive European cups between 1956 y 1960, making them jump of greatness until FIFA´s designation as the most important club of the passed century.

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