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miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2011

The Argentinean team turns to its attack thinking about the World Championship (Yahoo)

If the surveys were taken into account, or the history, it would not surprise the triumph of the Argentinean team vs the Chilean by 4-1 on the night of Friday on Buenos Aires, in the first match of the South American classification for the World Championship. However, the present of both teams and some doubts in some positions in the field determined that in the two previous hours, many believed that everything was more equal than in reality it was.
This Chilean team that Arrived to Buenos Aires, has brought three important antecedents: the backing of the great job by the Argentine Marcelo Bielsa within the former cycle, that ended in an acceptable World Championship 2010, the growth of the team by having many of their players in the principal clubs of Europe and the great match performed some days ago, in a friendly one, nothing less but vs Spain, world champion of today, whom they were winning by 2-0 after the first time finished.

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