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domingo, 23 de octubre de 2011

Messi and the false individualism (Yahoo)

What was missing. That the best player of the World, the one that marks records each week, the one that changes all the numbers of the modern football, now starts to have a certain questioning in his own team, the Barcelona.
In the last press conference of the coach Josep Guardiola, he was consulted on whether Lionel Messi isn’t too “individualist” on some occasions, in reference to the unusual quantity of the lost goals by this star vs the Viktoria Pilzen of the Czech Republic in the triumph 2-0 for the Champions League during the last week.
Guardiola took distance of the polemic and simply put Messi in a place separated to the rest of players, near Cristiano Ronaldo, and only affirmed that they both “are in other level and many times decide matches by themselves”, what was not another matter but a form to accept that the Spanish press many times denies or tries to minimize, for instance, in the moment of the grant of International prizes: that the Barcelona, possibly among the best team of the football history, has a genius and several super cracks.

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