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jueves, 19 de enero de 2012

Another Stroll by Barcelona at the Bernabeu (Jornada)

This time many Madrid fans thought it would be different. There were no real reasons but you could feel in the air that Copa del Rey was the competition where all attention should be focused. This is so because same as in last season, a La Liga trophy remains as uncertain as the Champions League. Why? Because in all of those leagues the big team to beat is no other than Barcelona, the world champion and for many, the best team in history.
All of that made made Barcelona favourites (that is the same reason why even playing well, Real Madrid cannot feel confident of securing La Liga or the Champions League) because Barcelona could have a bad day/night (after all, there are just human and there are many factors at play) but two, in a single week, it is rare particularly when the key game is to be played at the Nou Camp before their fans.

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