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domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

Sport caught in Monarchy Affairs

The news, which has received wide coverage in Spain, is however rarely mentioned in the Spanish sport media. Clearly, it is a political affair that may have serious ramifications for the Crown, but on the other hand it is directly linked to sport and has all the connotations of the most intriguing soap opera.
A former great sportsman, an elegant and handsome retired handball player by the name of Iñaki Urdangarín Liebäert, marries the King’s third daughter, Infanta Cristina de Borbón, has four children with her and enters into a fantasy world financed by, as we know now, the 8,434,280 Euro annual budget handed over to the Royal Family. Apparently, that was not enough so, according to an ongoing judicial investigation, it is alleged that he took advantage of the access and privileges of his new position in life in order to set up a non-profit organisation for the purposes of diverting funds to fiscal havens following alleged negotiations with state officers at the highest levels.

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