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domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

A Cup and a lot of teaching for the Real Madrid (Yahoo)

The Real Madrid has been eliminated from a competence, once again, by the Barcelona. In this case, it was with the King´s Cup by the quarter final, the one single trophy that the whites have obtained in 2011, what leaves them this time in front of a shadowy possibility to end this season with empty hands, or to the contrary, it is possible this will remain as an anecdote and that end of May the press of the Spanish metropolis will talk about an extraordinary doublet (League and Champions). Everything is possible.
However, this elimination from the King´s Cup may be taken by the Real Madrid as a crisis in the sense that everything will explode, the locker-room will get out of hand, the coach José Mourinho will start to prepare his cases to emigrate before the time when people will reject him as it has already been noted in the stadium Santiago Bernabeu on the last Sunday vs the Athletic of Bilbao, in spite of the firm 4-1 at the final.

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