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miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Chelsea, the unexpected champion (Yahoo)


Finally, the Chelsea of the millions of Euros of the Russian magnate Román Abramovich, the eternal loser,  the one who generated the utmost resistance in these years,  the one of a generation that was going towards its end swallowing coaches of different type  was able to celebrate as winner of the Champions League in the least thought season, and in the least foreseen scenery.

In a year in which things  did not only worked badly, but in the middle of a storm, Abramovich had to change the coach, firing the Portuguese André Vilas Boas (about whom everybody imagined a new José Mourinho) to turn to, as a transition, to ex player, Swiss-Italian, Roberto Di Matteo, this one finished to be one of the heroes conducting the team to a glorious final, first with the Fa Cup and then, crowning it with the first Champions League in their history.

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