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domingo, 21 de agosto de 2011

Real Madrid need to analyze Mourinho’s role (Yahoo)

In these circumstances, there is no other way Real Madrid but to analyze what will be the determination with their coach José Mourinho, due to the fact that he is bringing them to many inconveniences for their image and in spite of the big job he is performing within the footballistic area, his behaviour is leading the whites to a narrow street without exit.
Mourinho has turned out into a complex personality, difficult to catalogue. The trajectory of those erratic footballistic years of the Real Madrid, notably superseded by the triumphs but specially for the institutional coherence of the Barcelona, generated doubts if not directly certainty on what the Catalonians would made themselves footballistically unachievable and the continue registrations of the club of the Spanish Capital would not be sufficient to be compared with a team which for many is already the best in the whole world’s history.

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