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lunes, 12 de septiembre de 2011

The Argentinean football starts to trap the violent (Yahoo)

“I was fired by the hooligans”, maintained, resigned, the coach Antonio Mohamed, referring to the reason due to which had to leave the position in Independiente, the night of Sunday, after his team felt by 0-1 vs Boca Juniors for the fifth round of the Aperture Contest.
After having lost in scarcely two weeks two International cups, the Suruga Bank in Japan and the Recopa Sudamericana (Southamerican Recup) in two matches vs the Inter of Brazil, it was known that Mohamed had not too much margin when there was left for him to dispute the Local League and the patience of the violent ended too soon, and already at the final of the match against Boca, they could pass the security controls, come near the door of the local lockers room and insult the coach singing a funeral march with a detail: the coach, it is known in Argentina, lost a very small son during the World Championship 2006, in Germany, in an accident.

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