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lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Messi imposes himself by his own weight (Yahoo)

Alejandro Sabella, Argentinean team coach, may rise his glass to toast satisfied when the bells will ring at the end of 2011. Because upon the final of the first half vs Colombia, in Barranquilla, for the fourth date of the classificatory South American group for the World Championship 2014, his team fall to the half time break losing 1-0 and in that moment, the possibilities for his continuation in the position were almost null.
The Argentinean team put everything playing vs Colombia on the last Tuesday after an unexpected tie vs Bolivia 1-1 (same as four months ago for the Copa América) what happened for the second consecutive time in the whole history, that a National team of this country did not lose vs the bluewhite outside their home and the first in classification for the World Championship, what obliged Sabella’s group to play fully in a situation completely adverse.

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