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martes, 1 de noviembre de 2011

The wave of violence in the Argentinean football increases (Yahoo)

Last Wednesday was not just one day more in the Argentinean football. Three members of the hooligans of San Lorenzo of Almagro, one of the biggest clubs in the country, that is in a crisis and may descend to the National B (second division) once the present season ends, physically attacked the defender Jonathan Botinelli, who determined to leave and shut himself away out of Buenos Aires to preserve his integrity.
The seriousness of the matter does not ends there, but it just starts and shows an absolute defenceless on grade in which are the players, coaches and common fans that pretended a certain normality, as it occurs in the major countries of the World, but must fight and at the same time suffer with impotency to see how the system continues protecting the violent instead of fighting against them and destroy them.

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