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martes, 5 de junio de 2012

The lungs of violence suffocate Argentinean football (The Blizzard)


Since more than five years, the one that watches by television or even more in situ any official or friendly match of the Argentinean football, will prove with a certain surprise, or as minimum incognita, that in every stadium  there is a free zone in the galleries, without public.

It is the way in which the sport, footballistic and state authorities (be they national, provincial or local depending on the case), found in order to avoid the growing violence around the local football, separating one fans from the others, calling this zone “neuter” as “lung”, as if this kind of “free air” will put distance among the adversaries, what means nothing else but to accept, in its way, the defeat vs those who attempt against the spectacle. A total resignation.

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