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lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

The Argentinean “Triangulations” may end in World scandal (The Blizzard)


These days, the Judge Norberto Oyarbide is studying the case of 444 transferences of Argentinean players to foreign clubs or those who already have returned from abroad in the last years, as part of the scandal that involves entities of the principal clubs Europeans as well as South Americans, Mexicans and Asiatic  through a system of tax evasion called “Triangulations””.

What the “Triangulations” are? it is a system, now denounced nothing else but by AFIP (Agency for Argentinean State tax collection), by which the Argentinean clubs sell or buy players transferences, making them pass, in the middle, through teams in which they never played and that correspond, in most cases, to countries where the taxes  that are being paid for these transferences are very low in comparison with the nationals.

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