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lunes, 19 de abril de 2010

Real Madrid panic with regard to May 22 (Yahoo)

As the year advances to the final of the footballistic season, and in view of the results obtained in the three fronts by the Real Madrid, there increases the panic that the nightmare will be complete and the next May 22 night, the Barcelona may crown champion of the precious Champions League if in two weeks they are able defeat the Inter to arrive to the final of the stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

Furthermore to the diplomatic sentences of the president of Real Madrid Florentino Pérez, regarding that he would like the Barcelona get the championship and that he will make every effort to make Barcelona feel at home in case they arrive to the final in the Spanish city, it is clear that a second consecutive trophy by the red blue it will be the worst that can occur in a season to be forget, comparable a lot to that of 2003/04, that obliged the white president to renounce and leave without finishing his mandate.

The Madrilenian sport press has it clear: the only way to dissimulate something of the failure of the project of the Real Madrid in this season, is to appeal or announce great registrations, as that appears as very difficult though the whites prepare, betting for the great English goaler of the Manchester United Wayne Rooney (a reimbursement of 102 millions of Euros is being under discussion added to other 70 for the player) or to advance everything referred to the World Championship to speak about the successful Spanish team.

At any rate, Barcelona´s success is the worst nightmare for the Real Madrid for all that it represents their level in Spain, win everything with the majority of players of their own quarry, three of which are among the five best players in the World for FIFA (and could increase if, according to the murmurs, Cesc returns from the Arsenal), to the contrary of the project to waste fortunes in registering super stars and if they obtain this European Cup, it would be the third in the five seasons, what will crown them as the heterogenic for the era.

Evidently, the Real Madrid directives, specially the sport director, Jorge Valdano, should think seriously indeed how to put his project again that started scarcely a year before, though it may seem that a century has passed.

For the first time, some players that were emblems for more than a decade, abandoned the club (Guti already announced, Raúl González almost certain) and this opens a door to think in a new lockers-room, managed by Iker Casillas, the rest that will stay from the glorious periods but in the rest of the cases, it concerns foreign players of not much fame in the team due that there are not many who really know the institution and have specific weigh in the team.

Neither there is clear the future of the Chilean coach the engineer Manuel Pellegrini, who has his detractors, but who at the same time has important sympathies of the fans, because it seems they understand better than the press and not few directives, that after years of turbulence never finding a game line at least it is clear that the Real Madrid is a team, who need to adjust to amalgamate its players and that he cannot in one year only reach the same as the spectacular Barcelona and left in evidence last week end in the decisive match of the league in Bernabeu.

This classic touched deeply the Madrilenian. Because it showed indeed, in scarcely ninety minutes, the sidereal distance that exists much more between the two projects, than between two teams. It does not concern to compare only figure by figure, but what there is behind of each of both.

The Barcelona starts always from an idea, from a philosophy, what begins by the directives, through the great coach that is Josep Guardiola, and he reaches his sublime players who were able to take these concepts from very young in the great school of formation in the La Masía.

The Real Madrid is a project in hurry, based on the marketing, in the concept that of a big group formed by the best stars of the moment generates a great rent from the economic and guarantees successes by the own weigh of their figures. This believes without any doubt Florentino Pérez because it was right for his past experience with Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo or Roberto Carlos.

What perhaps Perez did not have in mind is that Real Madrid of that time counted with the base of a solid lockers-room, managed by people of much experience as Fernando Hierro, Raúl, Guti, Michel Salgado, Fernando Morientes and Roberto Carlos with many years dressed in white, added to a young Casillas with much experience.

This base allowed a lockers-room united that the stars arrived from abroad have added to the project, but that Real Madrid neither had the counter-face of the tremendous Barcelona of the first years of the century XXI, kingdom of which seem to continue ruling.

This is why, the worst that can happen to the Real Madrid in a season in which the humble Alcorcon took them away from the Kings Cup with a goaling, in which a team without so many lights as Lyon moved them away from the Champions in eighth of final, and in which they are near to lose the league in front of their maximum rival, everything will end with the celebration of Barcelona in their own stadium.

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