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lunes, 13 de junio de 2011

River Plate fights to stay in First Division (Yahoo)

When the anti-last round of the Closure Contests is in progress in the Argentinean football, River Plate, the second team with more trophies in the country, is still not definitively safe to descend to the Second Division, and in accordance with the different possible results, maybe has to play one hundred ten years of history in a dramatic confrontation with Lanus, that in its turn could play the chance to be Champion..

If we observe the present table of positions of the Closure Contest, it could call to confusion as the River, in this table, does not suffer from serious problems, but for the descends to the National Contest B (Second Division), it is taken into account the average of the six last short contests, namely, the three last complete seasons, that each of them includes the Aperture and Closure Contests.

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