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sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

Barcelona and Real Madrid separate every time more their ways (Yahoo)

Paradoxically they have seen their faces four times in less than a month and will confront not less than four times in the next season (two for the Spanish League and two for the Supercopa of Spain), but after the confrontations that paralyze the world football the Barcelona and the Real Madrid start to travel every time more separated ways, every time more different.

The Barcelona will remain with the Spanish League because in long contests is very difficult to cut distances with the best team of the world that may have one or two bad matches, but finally they impose their best game, their technique and their job of years in the quarry of La Masía with the add of some few stars.

To the final of the Champions League on May l 28, in London, also the Barcelona will go to play (once again) vs the Manchester United because it is just that the two best teams of Europe define the title and because in the two semi-final matches vs the Real Madrid (as in the other two, of the League and King’s Cup) there were left no doubts on which is the best at present..

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