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domingo, 22 de mayo de 2011

Doors of the Argentinean team are closing for Tevez (Yahoo)

Probably, Carlos Tevez is one of the five players in activity, with more trophies in the whole planet, among the individuals and collectives.

The Argentinean forwarder of the Manchester City, image of whom raising the English Cup of Wembley, wrapped with a flag of his country went all over the World, was elected among three of the best players of the Premier League and at the final of the contest he was the first of goalers together with the Bulgarian Dmitri Berbatov , of the Manchester United.

However, Tévez not only was left without an insured place within the Argentinean team for the Copa América next July, in his own country, but he was directly not taken into account over half of year by the coach Sergio Batista.

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