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lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

This Barsa continues without limit (Yahoo)

There was no final. Slightly a glimpse of it when unanimously the previous analysis of the most reputable reporters and members of the football environment were sure as to an even match between two teams accustomed to win, very different one of the other, but of enormous category.

And however, the Manchester United of a very victorious coach as sir Alex Fergusson, that turner around the local history vs the Liverpool in a quarter of Century and counts with all types of varieties that show that it was not causality that won again the Premier League, was reduced almost to nothing in front of a dominant Barcelona, that same as two years ago and in front of the same rival in the final of Roma, needed the first ten minutes to adapt on the field and start to extend their luxurious game, their whole dominion of the ball leaving the rival without any chance.

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