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sábado, 14 de mayo de 2011

England and the corruption in the football (Yahoo)

The English football, once again in its history, debates whether to continue or not within the FIFA as from the next season, very affected due to the resonant failure of the unexpected lost of the headquarter of the World Championship 2018 in favour of Russia, early December last.

Upon the cry of deception of David Beckham, in Zurich, there was added the denounce of the ex president of the English Federation (FA) Lord David Triesman, who at the Lower House affirmed, upon the return of the delegation of the high football directives, as the president of the Southamerican Confederation(Conmebol), Nicolás Leoz, the titleholder of the Brazilian Confederation (CBF), Ricardo Texeira, that of the Concacaf, Jack Warner and the integrant of the Executive Committee of the FIFA, Worawi Makudi, they tried to receive bribes to vote for the English candidature, what has been totally rejected.

Warner, of Trinidad and Tobago, already involved in different deeds of corruption connected with the football, in the hard book “Red card” by Andrew Jennings, would have requested in change of his vote for England for 2018, the construction of an educative centre in his country for 2,8 millions of Euros. On his side, Leoz applied for the title of “sir”, Makudi asked to remain with the television rights of the Premier League and those of an eventual friendly match between the team of his country, Thailand and the English. Texeira was more direct, according to Triesman. He had said “Come and tell me what you have for me”.

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