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domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Death continues to be present in the Argentinean football (Yahoo)

On March 15th 2008 died Emanuel Alvarez, a young fan of Vélez Sársfield, a few minutes before the beginning of the match against San Lorenzo, for the Closure Contest of the Argentinean league. The rivalry as from some years ago, between them generally protagonists of battles for the champions trophies in the last seasons and their near location in the city of Buenos Aires, made their managers take all the precautions taking into account the confrontations in the following years.

In that tragic opportunity, in 2008, the match had to be suspended after that the Velez fans, very nervous, have broken the wire fence on their side, behind the goalkeepers, to inform their players about what happened to Alvarez near the stadium José Amalfitani.

Almost exactly three years later, a few minutes from the beginning of the same match, with the same teams and at the same stadium and for the Closure Contest 2011 on last March 20th San Lorenzo’s fans put pressure and broke the wire fence to inform that in the surrounding area a fan had died, Ramón Aramayo, 36 years of age, and the match was suspended once again.

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