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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

Mascherano’s reivindication (Yahoo)

Barcelona’s fans will remember during their whole life the exact moment in which Javier Mascherano stretched his legs, just in the moment in which the Danish forwarder of Arsenal, Nicklas Bendtner, was to concrete the goal, at the end, with which probably the English would have passed the round eliminating Barcelona of the Champions League.
If for the Barcelona this play, decisive, and which has cost a pull in the leg of the Argentine midfielder, it was not one more, even less for the midfielder himself, who paradoxically has shaved his head off, as a gladiator, for the first time in his career maybe as a sample that there will arrive times in the future in his route within the Catalonian team.
Today there is an unanimous consensus in Mascherano’s registration, due to which many sustained that it resulted too expensive for the 25 millions of Euros that the Barcelona paid to Liverpool in summer, it already results profitable bearing in mind that until the moment , the team bluered has already collected more than fourteen millions of Euros due only to their participation in the present Champions League and the value will increase if they continue to classify for the successive steps until the final of Wembley.

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