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domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Mourinho’s behaviour risks his prestige (Yahoo)

If the directives of the Real Madrid would recall part of the content of their own club’s hymn, in which it says “noble and bellicose Champion, gentleman of honour” or the one saying “enemy in battle, when he loses shakes the hand, without envy nor rancour, as good and loyal brother”, immediately they would have repaired that moreover the results that the team can obtain this season, (in which it is not discarded yet some trophy in the three still left), their coach José Mourinho does not fit within the pretended ideal of behaviour.
The Portuguese coach, with his complains and hateful comparisons (always pointing out to his direct rival, the Barcelona) is generating that every press conference is transformed into a show in which the reporters are enjoying and look for to fill pages of the newspapers and magazines, or radio and television spaces, to contribute to endless polemics which if it is not even major is due that Josep Guardiola, his equal in the Catalonian team, uses to respond in a friendly and not conflictive manner.

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