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domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010

Diego is assembling Maradona again (Yahoo)

As if it were an infinite game in his life, Diego Maradona is crossing again his phase of intention to escape forward and assembling himself after a depression though it may seem that every frustration would be the last in his footballistic career and that he will find no new motivations to continue forward. But, however, it is not so and his great fortitude allows him to reinvent himself to confront new challenges.

It is not so long since July 3rd when the Argentinean team was strongly eliminated from the World Championship in South Africa having been cut into pieces by the German team by 4-0 on the quarter-final. What was considered the first really serious commitment of the team conduced by Maradona, and it is already well known the very complicated route that the ex footballistic genius had to cross upon his arrival to his country, because when it seemed that the Federation (AFA) would renew his contract, its president, Julio Grondona, found a perfect excuse to separated him from the road to Brazil 2014, that was to determine that he would not continue working the rest of the technical crew. The coach, therefore, was solider with his workmates and decided to leave.

The cost of Maradona’s withdrawal from the Argentinean team, and in the way it occurred, had excessive consequences in the AFA because there continue the debates about whether the interim coach, Sergio Batista (who was his companion in México 1986 but had rather difficult relationship with the star in this last period, when he was in charge of the juveniles), should continue or not definitively until the next World Championship, what will happen in October, when the manager Carlos Bilardo will introduce a list of three or four candidates who will have to be studied by the Executive Committee of the AFA.

Though the confusion is big now that not even Maradona is discarded to be the Argentinean coach (though of course it would be with another technical crew, something he would not accept), as per the declarations of Bilardo himself, the scenery cannot be worse. On the other side, Bilardo, whom he considers traitor to have remained in the position of manager and have not gone with the rest of the technical crew, seems to have enforced his power within the AFA and Batista, with whom he confronted a few weeks after the World Championship may be confirmed in the position and not only this, but he had won the World champions, Spain by 4-1 in a friendly match played in Buenos Aires on the last September 7th in which where wearing the vest white/light blue several separated from South Africa, such as Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso, Gabriel Milito or Ever Banega (and the absence of Fernando Gago was for injury only).

So as each time when Maradona enters into a deep disillusion , he practise a period of silence, so since a month and half ago when he gave the press conference in which he announced that he would not continue with the Argentinean team if the contract of his whole team is not renewed.

In permanent contact with his friend and ex field assistant during the World Championship, Alejandro Mancuso, Maradona slowly returned to assemble a team of showbol, which in next days will leave for China to play, apparently, in the benefit of the local Red Cross, he is anxiously awaited in Naples to play there a match with his friends and ex companions, to celebrate his 50 years on the next October 30th, and it is under consideration his chance to be designed coach of the Portuguese team in substitution of Carlos Queiroz after the bad results in the eliminatory for Eurocup 2012 and a poor performance in the last World Championship.

In truth, the elected to replace Queiros is not other but “The Special One”, Jose Mourinho, but the latter foretold with certainty that he will reject the offer to direction the Portuguese team, even if it were for two matches only, because he was engaged already and in full work, with the Real Madrid.

“Everybody knows that I would go free to the Portuguese team, but I cannot do it in this moment”, Mourinho affirmed, who has the challenge to win the Champions League with teams of three different leagues.

The fact that he was offered to conduce the Portuguese team and that he did not accept it, opens a new Windows for Maradona’s arrival, with recognized relationship with “Mou”, to such a point that he was received by the latter with opened arms when the Argentine visited the Inter’s training a few months ago.

Also Cristiano Ronaldo asked for contracting Maradona, who likewise had an offer from the Naples immediately after the South African World Championship finished.

Butt the most important is that once again, as when he had different health problems, or has been twice suspended by the FIFA for fifteen months in each opportunity, Maradona seems to go ahead with the fight capacity and this internal fire that characterize him..

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