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sábado, 4 de septiembre de 2010

England goes ahead in the run towards the World Championship 2018 (Yahoo)

England has never been so near to organize a World Championship since it was local in 1966. The four days visit of a commission of six members of the FIFA that ended the last week can be considered as very successful, though the big boss of the football, the Swiss Joseph Blatter, observed that the principal adversary in this race will be Russia and not the couple Spain-Portugal, as it seemed at the beginning.

Everything indicates that the World Championship of South Africa 2010 and its complicated organization due to the infrastructure and culture of the big events within the football, left an important sequence and it will be difficult that the Africans will see in this time another similar contest, maximum since it is known that the FIFA suspended the so much divulged rotation of continents on October 29, 2007.

Since then, to be able to organize a World Championship it will be necessary to gather conditions of infrastructure, footballistic culture and within the possible, a certain history and social guarantee that everything will develop within certain canons and that is why, for the 2018 there appear only candidates such as Holland and Belgium (since they were the head quarters of the Eurocup-2000), England (a potency without any discussion), Russia (another economic potency with footballistic culture, though without a regular participation in the world championships), the duple Spain-Portugal, of great weigh in the sport and the United States of enormous growth, though there is against them that they have been head quarters recently in 1994, without too much success.

It should be taken into account, also, two not smaller deeds in this election of the head quarters of two consecutive World Championships that the Executive Committee of the FIFA will bear in mind on December 2 next, but specially for the first of them, that of 2018. In the first, they can present for none of the confederations of the countries that had been headquarters in the last two contests, namely, Africa (for South Africa 2010) and South America (for Brazil 2014).

Another fact is that the FIFA is not convinced about the World Championship organized in 2002 between two countries, South Korea and Japan, that not casually now appear as candidates to head quarters for the 2022, separately, in competition also with Australia, Qatar and the countries that also present for the 2018.

If that is so, for the 2018 there only remain England, Russia and the United States, though the first two have more chances due to aforesaid reason regarding the United States but if besides it is taken into account the scarce presence of Russia in the last World Championships the relative weigh that their league continues having even when finally their teams started to win European contests and that England lost by little the World Championship 2006 against
Germany, everything indicates that the rout for the headquarter 2018 is quite clear.

But there should be added another fundamental detail and it is the potentiality that is made of a head quarter when same also contains another event that may help to facilitate an organization and so it occurred that the International Olympic Committee (COI) made in favour of the Río de Janeiro over Madrid for the head quarter of the Summer Olympic Games 2016, knowing that they counted with the support of the already sure organization of the World Championship 2014 in all Brazil and not only this, also the American Cup 2015 and the Confederation Cup 2013.

In the case of England, the situation is to the contrary and with the knowledge of the FIFA that London has been already elected the head quarter of the Olympic Games 2012 it was easier that it may be also for the World Championship 2018, added to the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and the Rugby World Championship of in England and Wales in 2015.

This together with the reconstruction of Wembley and the new stadium of the Arsenal will serve England for the 2018, added to the enormous power of their league with players of the highest level, and their continues protagonism in the great contest as World Championships or Eurocup, in spite they have only imposed in the contest placed as local in 1966.

That is why the visit of FIFA’s commission was taken as a question of State and the six members of the entity, presided by the ex reporter and now president of the Chilean Federation, Harold Mayne Nichols, has been followed day and night by all the communication media at the service of the British Crown, in the hope that this almost unrepeatable opportunity will not be lost.

That is why the care will be taken that the First League does not touch the minimum of violence. Because it is known that this and not other was the reason that eliminated England to be the head quarter in the past and it seems they learned from the errors of the past.

The British press was careful also to point out the inopportune absence of the Prime Minister David Cameron, on holidays, replaced by Nick Clegg, when it is known that the FIFA observes every detail and when this would never happen with Russia and maybe for that reason, Blatter himself ascertained that the Soviets should not be left outside, though he prized the British candidature.

It is a way to say that nobody can trust FIFA and this entity is the one that, at the bottom, continues ruling the football of the world.

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