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lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Not even a many goals vs Spain brings calm to the Argentinean team (Yahoo)

As it happens every time the World Championship is near, when the Argentinean team generates the envy of the Football Planet due to the players it has or due to the potential it has and then everything blurs, this happened again after the important win vs the Spanish team in Buenos Aires by 4-1 in the friendly match, because something that was dreamed by everybody, only derivated in major problems taking into account the nomination of the definitive coach for the World Championship 2014.

In a normal situation, a coach as Sergio Batista, who was Olympic Champion only two years ago in Peking being able to get on perfectly with the football of Lionel Messi and Juan Román Riquelme and winning over a good generation of Brazil by 3-0 in semi finals, having experience in the First Division in the local league and who conduced Argentinean juveniles and who won in his two commitments as interin, 1-0 vs Ireland in Dublin and 4-1 over the world champions, should be ratified in face of the World Championship in Brazil in 2014.

And not only this, knowing the Argentinean football and its ups and downs and the difficult relationship of the egos among so many stars, the fact that Batista has good relationship with the majority of the players, such as Riquelme, Messi (specially the latter, who feels backed by a coach who sincerely appreciates him and who is disposed to give him everything he needs) and who obtained the return of the ignored by Diego Maradona for the passed World Championship, as Javier Zanetti, Esteban Cambiasso, Ezequiel Lavezzi, Fernando Gago and Ever Banega, should also be useful for the AFA not to doubt too much in his ratification.

However, the decision that should be taken by the Executive Committee of the AFA in October, seems every time more complicated because though there was an agreement as not to make declarations neither the directives nor the manager, Carlos Bilardo, up to this moment, the technical Champion of the World championship 1986, due to his characteristic of verbal incontinence, appeared already trice in the same week one in a television interview and the other in his own radial program, insisting there is nothing decided and that the AFA should design a coach among the three that he proposes, giving no certainty regarding Batista s one of his candidates.

Furthermore to the names (AFA’s president, Julio Grondona, since some time, thinks that Batista should continue in the position until Brazil 2014), the deep general discomfort with Bilardo is because he believes that he is violating all the agreements and because he cannot bear the silence and this complicates generating sterile polemics near the time of an important decision.

Indeed, Grondona and many important directives think that not even this meeting in October is necessary and that the Executive Committee should design directly Batista and close this period of notable misunderstandings that started after the return from the World Championship of South Africa with the noisy exit of Maradona and the goings and comings until Batista has been designed as interim coach, obtaining the better results, in every sense, than what has been foreseen.

For all this, in a turbulent Argentinean football that has already started the Aperture Contest in which Boca Juniors has already remained far from the title and River Plate is in position of directly descend to Second Division, a win by 4-1 vs Spain in a plethoric Monumental Stadium is an anecdote when in any country of the World it would be Glory to win the champion by difference and after a few months of having received the trophy.

On the contrary, In Spain the defeat generated controversial versions because some have the idea that a match has not been taken seriously, even if it concerns a friendly one, it brought important risks for the image and the prestige, though the priority, obviously, is to get largely the classification for the next Eurocup.

But not all was negative in the short trip of the Spanish team to Buenos Aires. Before the match, a meal among the directives of both federations, ended in an agreement by which the AFA will back the realization of the World Championship 2018 in Spain and Portugal, meanwhile they will count with the vote of the Europeans by which Argentina and Uruguay will be able to organize together the World Championship 2030.

It is known of the excellent relationship between the presidents of the two federations, Grondona for the Argentinean and Angel María Villar for the Spanish, being, furthermore, both strong directives in the FIFA and of great weight in both Confederations, One in the South American (Conmebol) and the other in the European (UEFA) so the Spanish football did not leave Buenos Aires with bare hands.

In change, in Argentina nobody knowns who will be the next coach of the team when in less than a year (July 2011) should be the local in the Copa América and when the months run against the next eliminatory for Brazil 2014, meanwhile there continue the verbal confrontations between the directives, the manager and the coaches that stand for the position in different ways.

At any rate, Bilardo insists that the situation is not defined and that there will be three coaches proposed by the AFA and Grondona and other directives actually wanted to have finished with the polemic with results on sight.

In the Argentinean football, there is no peace not even wining widely the world’s champions.

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