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jueves, 26 de abril de 2012

Atlético-Athletic, Spanish final for the European League (www.163.com)


Finally the Spanish football obtained a retaliation on the third day of the European contests and will have a final, that will be on May 9th next in Bucharest, when they will confront for the European League the Atlético Madrid and the Athetic de Bilbao, when many have already imagined and started to taste the big classic between Real Madrid and Barcelona in Munich.

Eliminated the two big Spanish teams of the final of the Champions League, the Spanish football rescues other two strong teams of this season, with the paradox that one (the Atlético Madrid) was founded exactly 109 years ago, the same day that they got to pass to the definition of Bucharest, as a branch of the Athletic de Bilbao by Basque students of engineering in the Spanish capital.

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