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lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

Real Madrid takes the bounty from the Camp Nou (www.163.com)


Real Madrid has finally accomplished it. What they were about to do on that face off in the Spanish Cup when they came back 2-0 and were only seconds away from victory in the Camp Nou, in this very year, came to a good result now after an excellent set out that left no open space for Barcelona. They managed every counter attack and earned this 2-1 victory that puts them close to a new championship that they already deserve.

The whites played an almost perfect game, or it would be so despite some minor errors in the counterattacks. But considering the midfield and backwards, very few times have we seen such an erratic Barcelona, due to not only they´re rivals merit, but also a noticeable declining of the Catalunian team in the last weeks, mostly concerning the offensive, that nowadays it´s mostly up to Lionel Messi´s genius without proper companions.

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