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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

The Madridist tension goes towards precipice (www.163.com)

Several times it was proposed in this blog and there start to be seen the consequences. Be it clear from the start: José Mourinho is a great coach. Nobody doubts it and there are proves signing his success, his titles, his achievements are impressionable. Nobody doubts his personality and his capacity to conduce a club as the Real Madrid to be convinced and to have contracted him giving him the sum of powers to the point to accept that a coach can take himself the attribution to fire a superior in the position, such as Jorge Valdano, ex sport director of the entity.

But since a time that can be verified, without entering in a mistake, that the way of behaving of Mourinho and his technical crew, that responds to him in everything, as if they were one single person, is conducing the Real Madrid to the precipice. Not even the leadership with much advantage over the historic Barcelona, maybe the best team never seen before, could cover this strange moment that the Madridism is going through in general, though slowly many begin to open eyes and understand the way towards which the club of their love is going.

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