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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Only Bayer seams to menace the Spanish teams (www.163.com)

Scarcely the Bayern Munich, thanks to the tumultuous goaling of 7-0 vs the Basilea in Germany in the revenge, seems to be a hard rival in the route of the two Spanish teams, Barcelona and the Real Madrid, towards the triumph in the Champions League of the present season.

The overwhelming difference between the Real Madrid and the Barcelona in all the competency, for the results and game level, adds to the irregular campaign of the remaining teams (except Spain, there is no other country to repeat the classifications for the quarter-final), and to the early elimination of three of those who could compete to reach the maximum instance, Inter (eliminated by the Olympique of Marseille in eighths), and the two teams of Manchester, the United y el City, that did not pass the cut of the phase of groups and had to go down to play the European League.

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