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domingo, 8 de abril de 2012

Spain dominates firmly the European cups

Is it possible that when the ending of the two European cups arrives, in May, we shall have two finals between the Spanish teams? If everything continues its course, it would not be strange that we shall have in Bucarest a final of European League between the Athletic de Bilbao and the Atlético Madrid or Valencia (that should play in a few days the semi-final), and two weeks later, the so awaited classic between the Real Madrid and the Barcelona, in Munich, for the Champions League, always, of course, the Bayern does not come in the middle.
What is concrete is that when we confront the phase of the semi-finals of both European contests, we have two of the four teams of the Champions League of the Spanish nationality (Real Madrid and Barcelona), and three of the four of European League, of the same country (Atlético Madrid, Athletic de Bilbao and Valencia), something very singular and that conduces us to the question on the reason that it occurs and in a moment that Spain, as country, not only in a crisis but is mentioned by the European Union as the one that may have in a near future major inconveniences and had to cut 27.300 millions of Euros in their global budget.

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