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miércoles, 25 de abril de 2012

A strange night for the Barcelona (www.163.com)


If there is anything beautiful in the football, it could be noted yesterday in the Camp Nou, when over hundred thousand of fans applauded on foot their team, they sang with fervour the hymn of the club, but had to resign themselves in front of the sad reality of the unexpected elimination from the Champions League of the Barcelona by the Chelsea in a strange night in which the unusual deeds were happening as waterfalls.
The football is so unforeseen, so as already forty years ago the passed away Dante Panzeri advanced with his brilliant capacity of synthesis with his definition  of “dynamic of the unthinkable”,  and was experimented by the Barcelona as well as by the Chelsea, with two serious injuries in the first minutes that obliged for two changes: Cahill had to be substituted by Bosingwa in the “blues” and Piqué, who was returning to be the first team player after his polemic substitution, suffered a hard fall in a collision against his companion Valdez and not only Dani Alves had to enter in his place, but ended the night at the hospital, under observation.

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Discotecas Barcelona dijo...

Is very strange...but is great this feeling !!