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lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

The final word is not said yet in the Europa League (www.163.com)


The first semifinal matches played in the Europa League offered us undefined times. All the teams had their in-control of the situation phase, but we also got two results that in any case whatsoever clearly determine what the possible finalists for May the 9th in Bucarest are. They barely gives us some signs, as for example the undoubted advantage earned by Atlético Madrid with their 4-2 over the Valencia team in the Vicente Calderón stadium. A different story comes by the hand of the relative equity obtained by the Sporting Lisboa against the Athletic Bilbao´s 2-1.

It won´t be until a week from now, on the rematches, when we will be able to have any certainty about what the classified teams are. This is due to parity existing among the two teams. If on this week´s games the Atletico seemed (or almost seemed) to have it´s victory acomplished to the preliminaries, along came Ricardo Costa´s header to make it up for the Valencia team. We are talking about two teams that had a very similar performance on the Spanish League this season. Therefore, nobody should be surprised if local wins 2-0 in Mestalla and eliminates this way Argentinian Diego Simeone´s players.

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