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martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

The difference between a project and an adventure (Yahoo)

There was no match. What generated such expectative in the whole world, what was the desire to watch this confrontation in the five Continents, ended with an illusion of parity of the lovers of football almost since the first movement of the ball. It is because the Barcelona was so superior that very seldom occurs that no polemic is aroused as to the result because even the defeated accepts the enormous differences. And the defeated is not any team, but nothing less than the Real Madrid; winner of nine European Cups and that in the last years wasted a fortune in the best players of the planet. And that is why, more than ever, there remained an evidence two sportive philosophies, two ways of handling the competition. One, not too frequent in this time, that of the Barcelona, based on their juvenile division, to the point to arrive to the first classic of the season with seven players born in the quarry (Valdez, Puyol, Piqué, Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Pedro) and two more that entered as substitutes in the second time (Bojan and Jeffren). The other, full of players registered in many cases abroad, for whom a fortune has been paid, added to those paid in former years for many players that were not successful for the ruling anxiety and that are quickly devaluated and obliged to emigrate. However, though the results are at sight, furthermore to the last spectacular 5-0 that ends any polemic and when the Barcelona has won the last five official confrontations with sixteen goals in favour and only two against, the Real Madrid seems to insist with their idea to continue registering players with the idea that in this way they will be able to cut the road of Barcelona’s project in diagonal , the project that is consolidating since years and has deepened since the arrival of Josep Guardiola as coach in place of the Dutch Frank Rikjaard. We have written it many times, but if necessary, we reiterate it. Football is, though in this time of such material and quick access to the new technologies, a too simple sport and this was proved by Barcelona though one their great mentors the Dutch Johan Cruyff, he already maintained in his extraordinary book "My footballists and myself". The fundamental subject to win a match, including assuring oneself as team that will not be submitted to an attack by the adversary, goes through the ball’s possession. If we are those who have the ball, therefore they cannot have it. If besides we dispose of players with good technique, worked through years with the idea of the possession and in accordance with their physical and technical characteristics it is more possible that we shall arrive to the goal of the rival and among so many arrivals we shall be able to convert with a good percentage of efficiency.

That is almost everything that fundaments the game of a Barcelona that has no problem to stand with four defenders. Several of them with offensive vocation and they are not afraid to accompany midfielders or to join to the forwarders to offer more option of the pass, three midfielders and all of them with good display, criterion and particularly Xavi, with panoramic and great waist to turn on himself looking for the clear space over watching the field. A talent as Iniesta for the connection, a great goaler as Villa for definition, and among all, floating, the genius of Messi to contribute with his talent whatever is necessary in every match. Namely, it is not that the Real Madrid played badly in the Camp Nou, that is possible it was so. What happened to the white team and just in front of their worst rival, the most traditionally hated, is that the could not play. Because the Barcelona was perfect in the pressure with which they suffocated them from the first moment (so much that Messi’s shot did not end in a goal and with the ball in the stick with Casillas defeated by pure casualty) and because with the arrival of every goal, the impotency of the whites was growing and was influencing psychologically seeing that there was no way to attack to surmount the result not even with great and indisputable players and with an excellent coach as the Portuguese José Mourinho. Because they never disposed of the ball enabling them to do it, what is the ABC of the football. May the Real Madrid learn any lesson from the categorical and humiliating goaling in the Camp Nou? Yes, though the result leaves much more to learn to their directives than their group. Because it does not pass through the individual quality of their players that are at the same level that the majority of those of the Barcelona, but it is related that for the time being and since years, the Real Madrid does not know where they want to go, nor what class of players they pretend (except, of course, they are stars of the first level) and register coaches of one and other line without a philosophical base of game they are looking for. It goes far more than the adventure to win some trophy in the season. The Barcelona, in change, since a long time knows what they want, and in any case, they perform some small changes or in a determined positions but always looking for the same, to have the ball and give, whenever possible, a spectacle as that wonderful they gave us the last Monday in the Camp Nou, unforgettable. Then the difference resides there: one represents the project, and the other, the adventure. Anyone can win, but in general, the one that knows where he goes has much already won beforehand. As the

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