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domingo, 24 de octubre de 2010

The FIFA obliged to move one step forward with the technology (Yahoo)

“The IFAB decided not to continue the way of the technologies in the line of goal and abandon the experiences with this regard. The question posed by the members of the IFAB was simple: ‘should we introduce the technology into the football or shouldn’t we?’ The reply was in majority ‘no’, though same was not in unanimity”, Jerome Valcke, the general secretary of the FIFA announced.
“All of us agreed to say that the technology should not inundate the football, because we want that the football continues being human, there is its beauty. The fans keep on talking about those matches, they recreate same!, said, Patrick Nelson, from the North Ireland Association.
“If we implant this technology in the line of goal, why not in other situations? The offside, the discussed actions, and we go to the video. It is not what was decided. We want to conserve the game such as it is!”, continued Valcke. “We do not want constant interruptions”, observed Jonathan Ford, of the Wales Association.
All this did not occurred a Century ago, scarcely a year and half ago. What was in the middle of those declarations and this present time, in which the International Football Association Board (IFAB) has just decided to call for a meeting to present propositions of technology to determine whether the ball entered or not into the goal, it was not any other thing but the World Championship in South Africa.
There is such a repercussion mediatic and social in a World Championship, one of the most impacting events in all the aspects in the planet, that after an episode as the famous annulled goal of Frank Lampard in the England-Germany, there was no way to continue sustaining that the “human factor” can resolve by itself limited situations that any spectator can recognize in his own house.
The football was already converted in a too important phenomenon so that an injustice ends imposing in a contest in which there are too many things in game and perhaps the fact that the Lampard’s annulled goal existed in a confrontation between two teams of such a political weight in the football, was “a disgrace with luck” as to a future that starts to be seen with more justice, though there is left too long a way to run.
In fact if we take those words of Valcke on the 6 of March 2010 in Zurich, During the 124 General Assembly of the IFAB, the football still needs to end with the injustices resolving them from the technology, specially what concerns the offside and the use of the hand, as that of the French Thierry Henry vs Wales, in the passed classification of the World Championship of South Africa.
But it does not seem easy for the FIFA, that continues convinced that the use of technology shadows the folklore of the football on moving away the doubts and with them, the posterior debate, something false because as it was said many times, other massive sports have advanced in these years without problems with new instruments that helped a major justice in the game and not only they did not walked towards its extinction but evolved them and their fans found more ethical sense in the development.
The feeling, and more after recalling those declarations of the maximum directives scarcely on March 2010, is that the FIFA took this measure to experiment with the line of goal (the resolution should not pass a second to determine whether the ball entered into the goal or not), as they felt pressured by that Lampard’s episode and not because they wanted.
Just because of it, they insist with experiments that try to cover the heaven with a handkerchief, as that to apply to two more assistants, bringing to five judges in a match for which they already are doing the experience as that of the dispute of the President Cup of the AFC last September, or that will be in the Campeonato Carioca of Brazil in 2011, and the next three official contests of the League in México, the present France’s Cup as well as the Champions League, la Europe League and the Supercup of Europe of this season and the next.
The puzzle is how FIFA will justify, in case of not ascertaining in fundamental deeds with the presence of the five referees.
It seems absurd that a sport that is so interesting and has such attraction as the football, continues fighting between the use of the technology or depending on the human subjections, when other sports advance in the contrary way.
Moreover, the FIFA continues hiding under seven keys what happened exactly during the final of the World Championship 2006 in Germany when the Argentinean referee Horacio Elizondo expulsed the French Zinedine Zidane due to the aggression without ball against the Italian defender Marco Materazzi.
In accordance to the versions of the very high sources near to FIFA, the fact that the fourth referee, the Spanish Luis Medina Cantalejo, could advise Elizondo the existence of the fault (correctly marked) was due purely and exclusively that it was determined to follow in video some top players during parts of the match and just coincided in the moment of the expulsion, Zidane was one of the players pointed in the video.
What would have happened is the followed player would have been other? Perhaps nothing, scarcely a hard protest of the Italian players for not being just with Zidane, or perhaps the World champions themselves, finally would have taken what occurred as a mere circumstance of the game.
The truth is that Zidane has been expulsed with justice and thanks to the technology, though same has been used casually and though officially it is said that the origin of the application has been the human eye, when even the FIFA itself had to deny another version sustained that Medina Cantalejo had detected Zidane’s fault by the giant screen of the stadium.
Even with the use of the technology to detect whether the ball entered or not in the goal, the FIFA, gives one now the first steps and does not seem to want to rush it. Time will say whether a change of the route is possible.

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