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sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

October defines the future of the Argentinean team (Kalerkantho, Bangladesh)

Without any doubt October that just begins, will be the clue for the Argentinean team. During the first days of the month, a commission of five directives of the Asociación del Fútbol Argentino (AFA) (Argentinean Football Association) will decide the coach that will conduce the team until 2014 and the highest chances are for the present internal Sergio Batista, not only because he won the two friendly matches post World championship, vs Ireland by 1-0 and particularly vs Spain, world’s champions by 4-1, but because he obtained the self estimation of the players after the defeat at the World Championship and for having got that the best player of the World, Lionel Messi, finally is comfortable in each convocation, as the team will rotate (as it should have been from the start) around him.
But he water is never still in the Argentinean team because in this country, football is much more than a sport. And so it is that though he was hidden for a month after not accepting the renewal of the contract offered only to him without his collaborators, Diego Maradona appeared the last week of September with a campaign of permanent access to the media, trying to revert the situation and even saying that he is “desperate” to continue as national coach, he will “give his arm” if it would be necessary and he is prepared to talk even to work with other collaborators and his field assistant and friend. Alejandro Mancuso, declared that to enable Maradona to continue in the team he will accept to be put outside.

Everything very strange, bearing in mind that a month ago Maradona was inflexible when the AFA’s president, Julio Grondona (first vice president of the FIFA) told him that though he could continue but he did not accept that his collaborators continue, in spite that the manager, Carlos Bilardo has been ratified in the position. In that moment, Maradona said that Bilardo was “traitor” not leaving the position, as did himself and his collaborators and he said nothing about Batista, the designed internal coach because during the phase previous to the World Championship and in a good part during same, he hardly talk to him. Batista assisted together with another World Champion in México 1986 as player, José Luis Brown, as coaches of the Argentine juveniles in order they make as sparring of the major team, but there was never a good communication because Maradona always considered that they were always near Bilardo in case there were bad results. Therefore he always looked askance at the three. And actually, when the World championship finished, Bilardo and Batista continued and Maradona started to criticizes his ex workmate at the World championship, but he lowered the voice regarding Grondona and Bilardo, knowing that they are those who decide in a very good part the election of the coach until Brazil 2014.

So, the last days, he strongly criticized Batista when he learned that the decision of the Committee would be to ratify him, even when less formally, Bilardo continues saying that it is his job to elevate to the AFA’s commission a series of names of coaches in order same should determine the successor of Maradona and though nobody says it clearly, it is known that the ex football genius has the door closed for the new cycle and he knows it so well that he turned to the ex president Nestor Kirchner, because he knows that he (very possible presidential candidate in 2011) and his wife, the present president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, need the votes of the lower class that continue claiming Maradona as idol whatever he makes or says, but the mission is very complicated and seems inexorable.
It called attention that last Sunday, during a transmission through the state television of the football of the local league the speaker availed himself to generate a strange editorial in which he sustained the “danger” that the players of the team took the power over the directives and he anticipated that the “boss” is called “Messi” and that Maradona has “closed” AFA’s doors, leaving to understand that it is the moment in which the best player of the World handles at his will everything referred to the Argentinean team.
Batista seems consolidated in his job, specially after goaling Spain by 4-1 with a similar game system, looking for more possession of the ball (style of the world champions), surrounding Messi of possible destines of pass (as it happens in the Barcelona) and spreads in the mid of the stadium players with good foot, convoking again players postponed by Maradona such as Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti (Inter), Ever Banega (Valencia), Fernando Gago (Real Madrid) and Gabriel Milito (Barcelona), what has been received very well by the public and directives.
Batista not only maintained the low profile but insisted that he wanted to be judged not only for two friendly matches (on the next 8 he will play a third match in Tokyo vs Japan) but also for what he did formerly with the juveniles and the Olympic team, with which he won the Golden medal in the Games in Peking in 2008, in which he obtained something very difficult and it is that Messi and Juan Román Riquelme, lived without inconvenience in spite that it concerns two very important stars. But Maradona preferred to attack his ex companion of the World Championship in Mexico saying that if his has low profile “it is because he made three goals and I two hundred”, forgetting that Batista was a mark mid fielder and not a goaler.
At the moment, there are not too many new faces, with Batista, who preferred to continue in this early cycle with players who participated in the passed World Championship`, except of the veterans Juan Sebastián Verón and Martín Palermo, though it is sure that once he recovers from his injury that maintains him far of the stadium, since a half year, Juan Riquelme will be convoked again, also returned Ezequiel Lavezzi, who was at the point to play at the World Championship and for the time being appears as news, the laterals Pablo Zabaleta (Manchester City) and Emiliano Insúa (Fiorentina), and the return of José Sosa (Nápoli), all of them have already played some match in the former cycle but have not been taken into account. At most, there will be added to the match vs Japan the forwarder Nicolás Gaitán (Benfica), who may also play as extreme right or mid fielder by the left and even playing behind the forwarders as until the last season in Boca Juniors.
As to the other convoked, though young, all of them have already experience, as Javier Pastore, who participated some interesting minutes in the World Championship and now is a great figure at the Italian Palermo, Mario Bolatti, with few minutes in the Fiorentina, or the return of the experienced player as Andrés D’alessandro, who at 29 years seems to be passing through his best moment in the Brazilian Inter, recent Champion of the Copa Libertadores de América.
But for the time being, there is little footballistic news as to the appearances. At any rate, the news goes more through the change of the game system, with more possession of the ball and more persons in the attack, to Messi’s happiness.
So, everything indicates that Batista will be ratified, though to Maradona’s pain, but concerning the Argentinean football nobody is never sure until there appears the white smoke that will mean the formal announcement of the new coach.

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