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miércoles, 27 de octubre de 2010

The Spanish football between brilliance and negotiations (Yahoo)

During these days the Spanish sport media have no peace, be it due to the enormous quantity of pages wrote about the brilliance of their best players (Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo) and three of their teams, the Barcelona, the Real Madrid and the Villarreal, as due to the incredible addition of surrounding negotiations, among which, nothing less, but the country candidature to organize the World Championship 2018 together with Portugal.

From the footballistic point of view, and as everybody imagined, there were in game some few of the thirty eight rounds of the Leagues and already the Real Madrid and the Barcelona occupy the first positions though there was added the Yellow Submarine of the Villarreal, with, per moments, a brilliant game, as the exhibition they performed vs the Atlético Madrid, with a great forward of two youth that are for some time together and know themselves well, the Italian Giuseppe Rossi and the Brazilian Nilmar.

But it would be difficult for the Villarreal, with fewer budgets, to follow the two super potentials of all the times. If it is taken into account that the totality of the season, up to the edition of this article the Real Madrid have played twelve matches and the Barcelona fourteen (added to the three of the initial phase of the Champions League of Europe, two for the European Supercup the Catalonian and both debuted in the King’s Cup this week, their stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have already converted twelve goals each, terrific figures in any part of the world. Buit outside the field the Barcelona as well as the Real Madrid have problems. To the institutional of the “blaugrana” with the “due diligence” of the new president Sandro Rosell regarding the proceedings of seven previous years of Joan Laporta, being there a deficit of about 400 millions of Euros, now there has to be added a hard menacing sentence of the president of Sevilla, José María del Nido, claiming for an increase for TV right collection for the eighteen remaining clubs of the League.

“If we do not do an equal distribution, the best would be that the Real Madrid and the Barcelona go to play the League of France leaving for us the Spanish, because as to the present panorama, there is no competitiveness”, said firmly the Andalusian directive, who recalled that in the Champions League “the distribution among all the teams is equal and there the Real Madrid and the Barcelona share earnings. I do not understand why in Spain same does not occur”.

But the problems in the Spanish football scarcely started because there still has remained the worst. These days, two directives belonging to the Executive Committee of the FIFA, Reynald Tamarii, of Tahití, and Amos Adamu, of Nigeria, are punished with a suspension of thirty days and will be investigated by the Ethical Committee, after they have been shot by reporters of the newspaper “The Sunday Times”, having passed off United States agents working for the candidature of England to be elected next December, as World Championship head quarter for the World Championship 2018 when they were surprised asking for 1,6 millions of Euros and 570.000 Euros, respectively, to accept.

Not only this: in another video there appears the ex general secretary of the FIFA (and who was protagonist of various ceremonies of World Championships), Michael Zen-Ruffinen, affirming that the candidatures joined of Spain and Portugal for 2018 and of Qatar for 2022 already have various votes for the appointment in Zurich for the next December 2 where there will be decided the head quarters for the World Championships that are next to the one in 2014 to be played in Brazil.

This video, without any doubt, complicates the chances of Spain, dreaming to organize their second World Championship after that of 1982 though they will have in England the hardest adversary as it happened when London displaced Madrid to organize the Olympic Games in 2012.

But the problems do not end there. In Buenos Aires, the judge Norberto Oyarbide cited for the next November 3 to Aldo Forlín, father of the defender Juan, of the Espanyol of Barcelona, as well as for the 17 of the same month to Diego Placente (now with the San Lorenzo) and for December 1 Juan Pablo Carrizo (today with the River Plate) for the cause that involves over two hundred footballists of the supposed forge of passports to play in European leagues as natives without occupying the places for foreigners.

This cause that started in October 2007 by the denounce of the Italian consul in Argentina, Giancarlo María Curcio, has as the principal imputed María Elena Tedaldi, of the agency “Express Citizenship”, that was dedicated to “speedy up” the delivery of communitarian passports for players as Placente (France), Carrizo (Italy) or Forlín (Spain) who have been transferred in its moment to the European football.

In case any illegality will be proved, the punishment is of five to fifteen years of prison and for the same cause, the Judge dismissed on August 27 last the ex player of Lanus, and today in Greece, Sebastián Leto. But there are many causes open and several pertaining to footballists that are or have been in Spain.

Moreover the goals or the exhibitions, the Spanish football does not seem to be for great celebrations.

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