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lunes, 4 de abril de 2011

The Argentinean team and their last stops towards Copa América (Yahoo)

The coach of the Argentinean team, Sergio Batista, starts these days to make conclusions, looking forward to the definitive conformation of his group to dispute the Copa América in July, where they will play at home after twenty four years and after having played the last two friendly matches as preparation in the North American Continent.

Without doubts, the render of the two matches of the last week, first vs the United States in New York (1-1) and afterwards vs Costa Rica in San José (0-0) left very different impressions and indications regarding which is the way that the coach wishes to run with the final aim to World Championship 2014, though knowing that the Copa América is indispensable to solidify the team and finish to give them a winning character after eighteen years without any important achievement, since they won in 1993 the South American in Equator in the period of another generation (Batistuta, Caniggia, Ruggeri, Simeone, Goycochea).

Batista repeats that though the Argentinean team is obliged to win the Copa América as local, the great aim is the World Championship considering that always on the South American grounds the locals have always imposed in the history and that the host, Brazil will suffer pressures being obliged to win and that due to the short geographic distance, and being neighbour countries. At any rate, the Argentinean team will count with much public backing.

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