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lunes, 11 de abril de 2011

Will Japan be able to play finally the Copa América? (Yahoo)

The activity of the president of the Japanese Football Federation, Junji Ogura, is frenetic these days. In a few hours he will have to take decision on whether his team will take part or not in the Copa América in July in Argentina.

Ogura met in Buenos Aires with his colleague of the Argentinean Federation (AFA), Julio Grondona, with the representative of the Conmebol, the Paraguayan Nicolás Leoz, with the general secretary of the Southamerican Confederation, the Argentine Eduardo Deluca (right hand of Grondona), and by phone he was in permanent contact with FIFA’s president, the Swiss Joseph Blatter, trying to untangle a very complicated situation, though the directives of Argentina seem to worsen same.

Furthermore of the natural catastrophe that Japan suffered the last times and which, logically, influenced in the change of position of their Federation as to go to Argentina to play as an invited country the Copa America, there are other deeds that ended to be fundamental of the desertion and there now are under study against the clock.

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