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viernes, 29 de abril de 2011

The “Mourinhization” of the Spanish football (Yahoo)

The Spanish football is going through a very extreme tension, played three of the four classics and when the single one left, that of the next Tuesday in the Camp Nou, there is left a small margin of doubts on which one of the two teams will be the finalist, and it is not causal that what before were equal numbers in the bets came to the point that today a trophy of the Real Madrid pays 18 to 1.

The balance of the three former classics, exacerbated in the last one in which the Barcelona bet again on the elegant game, and a strange Real Madrid did not decide to attack and preferred to play waiting for the rival mistake, crossing accusations within the UEFA environment, anger among the presidents of both clubs, that slightly greeted in the box and even discomfort with one of the field assistants of the whites, Chendo, because he did not accept to water the grass of the stadium Santiago Bernabeu.

This is slightly one part because even Vicente Del Bosque, the gentleman coach of the Spanish team, Champion of the World, showed more than worried for the future of “La Roja” due to the break it may signify of the relationship between the players, that are the fundamental base to aspire to repeat in the Eurocup of the next year, or Ramón Calderón, the withdrawing Real Madrid’s president, availed himself to fight against the present president, Florentino Pérez, sustaining that the club is absolutely dominated by its coach, José Mourinho.

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