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sábado, 16 de abril de 2011

Barcelona-Real Madrid move the world

At this moment the world football licks. There is no comparable match in the world for the rivalry and due to the moment both teams are going through, the one that confronts the Barcelona and the Real Madrid, the fact than less than one month they can give us four opportunities to live with it from any place thanks to the technology, it converts same in something without precedence as to the expectative at clubs level.

Besides, these four matches have the rare particularity because in all of them there is much in the game. And even the causality in the distribution of the time of the four made that the expectative increased according to the importance because the first will be for the League, and there the whites, though they play at home, have few chances to enrapture the third consecutive trophy of the blue-red.

In change, next Wednesday, in Mestalla (Valencia), both will play the King’s Cup in one single match from which there would come out a winner, though the result may be the tie at the ninety minutes and in the hypothetical thirty more of the lengthening and with the consequent execution of penalties.

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