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domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

The Real Madrid is already a menace for the Barcelona (Yahoo)

In former articles we have detailed the reason regarding the notable technical superiority that in this moment exists between the Barcelona and the Real Madrid in favour of the first, but we advised on the care that the Catalonians ought to have as to the psychological influence if the result obtained were not good in the series of the four matches and the lack of goal of Josep Guardiola’s team in the proportion with the percentage of the ball possession.

Actually, there had passed two of the four patches and though everything indicates that the National trophies will be shared (the King’s Cup is the property of the whites and the distance of the points is almost indiscountable in favour of the Barcelona) there is no doubt that the Real Madrid is the great winner up to this moment, even when as Guardiola sustains, the League has more prestige and importance than the Cup.

If the Real Madrid will impose, though they tied in the first match (for the League) and the whites won in the supplementary time in the final of the Cup, those of the Spanish Capital showed something that a few months ago seamed to be impossible and it seems they have found a footballistic via to stop the best team of the world.

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