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viernes, 1 de julio de 2011

Argentina, obliged to win the Copa América at home

When next Friday they will go to play their first match in the Stadium of the city of La Plata, vs Bolivia, the Argentinean team will start to retrace their route seeking to get the Copa América, that will start that day and that may be their first official trophy in eighteen years.
Sergio Batista, the coach of the Argentinean team will count with his total of stars, the majority of them in the European football, one characteristic that, in truth gathers this new Edition of the old South American contest and that counts among the maximum winners the whiteblues and Uruguay with fourteen trophies each.
Can it be said that this contest is absolutely South American in their game characteristics? Very possible it cannot. Since many years, the great majority of their stars performs in the European football,, they accustom themselves to the disciplines of the big clubs that register them, to the kind of training and tactics and then the coaches of the different national teams should adapt to what they have, or appeal to the integrants of the normally clapped out local championships, composed by very young players who have not emigrated yet due to a temporal matter, or those who return from Europe, very veterans.

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