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jueves, 8 de julio de 2010

To understand the Argentinean team it is necessary to understand what surrounds same (Bengol-India)

Is it possible to understand that a coach of one of the world potencies of football who has over thousand millions of Euros in the value of his team players and who loses categorically by 4-0 in the quarters, has enough chances to continue in his position and not only this, but he is received with cheers at the International airport of Ezeiza, as he would have won the World Cup?
Yes, in Argentina, that is possible because we are talking nothing more and nothing less but about Diego Maradona. If the coach would be any other, all less Maradona the welcome would have been cold and press critics very hard.
But Maradona is a popular idol as few, an icon of the Argentinity and he is excused of everything and now was added since a year ago a new significative data: when the present national government of Dr. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner quitted the rights for the local television football from the monopoly of Torneos y Competencias, absolute owner of everything since 1991, to pass to the state Channel 7 for which the State paid a fortune, (around one hundred millions of Euros). Maradona appeared near the president at the moment of signature of the new agreement. Seeing as it is that the government is progressive or centre left, this political sector took Maradona as one more activist and from that moment he was defended against everybody. And though the FIFA does not accept state intrusion in football affairs, the president caught in her hands Julio Grondona, the almighty AFA’s president (Argentinean football Association) because the money that now passed from the State is so enormous that it is not convenient to protest because besides, the utmost are the rumours indicating they will sign the project for the AFA to obtain a television channel from where the matches will be transmitted as there was already voted a new Act of Media (resisted by the great communication oligopoly due to which the television is digitalized, there open five channels by the same band that formerly received only one and AFA will be benefitted by this measure, how to protest and make Maradona leave? Impossible for Grondona who remains in the rich zone of Johanesburgh , in Sandton with the rest of the head of the FIFA waiting that on Sunday the World championship ends and he will take a geographic distance from Argentina where those who does not like him already making lists with possible candidates (Gerardo Martino, the Argentine that had conduced the Paraguayan team till the quarters and almost take Spain to lengthen, Miguel Russo, veteran coach that passed through several clubs, or Alejandro Sabella, recent Argentinean Champion and of the Copa Libertadores with Estudiantes de La Plata), and those who wants him, have already installed his name thus at least, he continues until the next American Cup that Argentina will organize within a year and that does not play as local since 1987, in the great occasion to win a trophy after 18 years (the American Cup won in 1993 with Alfio Basile as coach and Gabriel Batistuta as forwarder).
Grondona knows that in a year many things can change in Argentina and in fact, it is a year of presidential elections so it is better to be silent, though crossing the ocean things are different, as from the AFA’s spokesman, the experienced reporter Ernesto Cherquis Bialo, who sustains that Maradona’s contract “has already expired”, though there is nothing said about the power of the directives and of Grondona to fire him, meanwhile in the same building of the down town of Buenos Aires, the president of Argentinos Juniors –club that saw Maradona footballistically born - Luis Segura, director of the department of National Teams of the AFA, states to the contrary, that Maradona has one year more of contract “and that he should finish it”, meanwhile that one of his closest assistants in the World Championship, Alejandro Mancuso, insists that he “should continue” and the manager of the Argentinean team, ex coach Carlos Bilardo, continues to be silent after being almost despised by his ex conduced, to the point that even the ex defender champion of the world championship 1986, Oscar Ruggieri, passed several times through the High Performance centre of the University of Pretoria, to play night matches with the technical team even when Grondona hates him and did not allowed him to be added to the team though the coach insisted until tiredness.
Bilardo did not appear in the whole World Championship but he was present in the press conference of Maradona post match with Germany, when he said that he will defend “the football that people like, that of attack, to return to the sources”, something he knows Bilardo hates because those are sentences of his maximum enemy in football, César Luis Menotti. Did Maradona say it casually? It does not seem so, neither that Juan Verón, scarcely played as the first team player when upon arriving to Pretoria the Argentinean team was the major referent within the game field, with the best criterion and experience, and he shared the room with Lionel Messi. But Verón was rubbed out and did not come back to play. Only due to the physical problems or also because he is very near to Bilardo? It does not seem casual that now, in La Plata, the city where the family lives, Veron’s father, ex player for Estudiantes and companion of Bilardo in the sixties, Juan Ramon Veron, make declarations in some radios saying that with his son has passed “something strange” and for this “it would have been better not to take him” to the World Championship.

That is how the mess is in the Argentinean football when the newspapers try by all means to make forget soon this World Championship and finally to start to use the space for Boca Juniors, River Plate and the next Aperture Contest starting in August. The debate for the new coach of the Argentinean team? There is no time, nor desires, nor deepness. Grondona prefers to wait, taking coffee in he Maude Avenue, in the heart of Sandton, at the Mandela Square. Let them kill between themselves.

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