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sábado, 7 de junio de 2014

May be Brazil-Argentina the final match of the World Cup? (May be Brazil-Argentina (Daily Kalerkantha, Bangladesh)

Many analysts state that this World Cup that starts on 12 June is organized in order to be won by a South American team, and they have reasons to believe that. What's more, the most probable final (and so the gambling companies indicate) is Brazil-Argentina.
Football hasn't got any logic, and in order this to happen, both teams, whose rivalry has been increasing with the years and the globalization, plus the fact of being neighbours and the big amount of stars that both teams have, would win their groups in the first round . If that happens, they won't  be able to meet themselves until the final at Maracana Stadium on 13 June.

This calendar has not been designed by chance by the FIFA, but thinking on the hypothetical South American final: if we take into account the organization of the Round of 16, we verify that the defending champion, Spain (or even the last runner-up, Netherlands) would confront Brazil, and so they run the risk of being eliminated soon from the tournament. Meanwhile, Italy and England are in the group of Uruguay and even the European that would qualify to the next round would play against Colombia. 

What's clear is that the draw determined that the European powers will eliminate themselves in the first round (Italy-England are in the same group, Germany-Portugal in another, France-Switzerland too, plus the fact of playing against hard teams like Uruguay, United States and Ecuador, respectively).

This already supposes a design of the quarter-finals with few European teams, and bearing in mind that there is more humidity and some cities with hot weather, Europeans are traditionally less powerful in South America: Europeans had never won a World Cup, not only in South America, but also in the whole American continent, in the seven World Cups that were held there. 

At any rate, if there is a team that can interpose, always within the logic,  between Brazil and Argentina, that is the Uruguayan, which already knows  what is giving a surprise in Brazilian territory, though it was in the far 1950, with that goal of Alcides Ghiggia that silenced 200 thousand persons in the Maracana of Río de Janeiro, in one of the most important moments in the history of the World Cups.

Now times have changed, the Uruguayan team arrives tightly, but with a huge solidity due to the great job of the coach Oscar Tabárez and based on a strong defensive triangle (the goalkeeper Fernando Muslera and the centre backs Diego Lugano and Diego Godín), a laborious and balanced midfield and a powerful attack with Edinson Cavani and the mistery of how will recover from his injury the star of the English Premier League, Luis Suárez.

Uruguay seems, a priori, the most troublesome rival, or maybe Spain if they get to avoid Brazil in the second round, plus the weather does not affect them, adding the surprise that Belgium might be with their excellent generation (Courtois, Kompany, Fellaini, Hazard, among them) or the incognito of Colombia or France.

Brazil and Argentina, the two big powers, are going through opposing routes. Not only between themselves, but also compared with their own characteristics of the past. While Brazil was always talent and attack, with feeble defences, today has probably the best defence, but hasn't got the talent that made them famous.

If Argentina, less than a decade was solid in the back, but had not the balance and it was less talented in the front, now is pure talent and a great power to define, plus they have the best player of the world, Lionel Messi, but they are not giving guarantees in the defensive row.

Even though that, the Argentinian team won against almost all of their rivals in the preparation and had not suffered in the World Cup Qualifiers. Meanwhile the Brazilians grew since Luiz Felipe Scolari (world champion in 2002) became the coach, and the best proof is the title won at the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup.

That means that we would have a passionate final in which we will see the crossing of two neighbourhood powers, with a great rivalry and complementary game.

If it is for the prognosis, the most awaited final and at the same time, the greatest bet (football-related and commercial) of the organizers.

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